Explaining My Hiatus

Since my friend Courtney rightfully chastised me for not updating this in awhile, I decided that I should check back in.

The time I would normally spend sharing my thoughts on policy items (and posting mixtapes) has been spent writing for the LA news site LAist. For now, I am only a guest writer, but my plan is to contribute frequently and become a regular contributor fairly soon.  I’m currently trying to find my niche as a news and political contributor, but will soon be branching out to features such as a series on coffee roasters and little-known LA museums. You can check out my first LAist articles here:

Walmart Veg-ing Out With Healthier, More Affordable Food Plan
New Initiative Could ‘Clean Up, Green Up’ LA’s Toxic Hotspots
Bruins and Trojans Both Say ‘It Gets Better’
Budget Troubles Point to More Tough Times in Higher Ed

LA Street Art

I’ve also been slow to update this blog because I’ve been spending quite a bit of energy planning a new LA-centric blog. The idea is to encourage Angelenos to explore every inch of this city and all that it has to offer. I will cover hidden gems as well as do restaurant reviews and discuss upcoming events. The only reason it hasn’t launched yet is that I haven’t come up with a name yet! Most sites have names that either incorporate the writers name (Diana Takes a Bite, theMintyMattatouille, etc…) or is more descriptive (Happy Hour Tour, Midtown Lunch, Thirsty in LA).

I’d love any suggestions you may have for a name!

Names in my rejected pile include:
LA for Locals
Explore LA
Nick’s Hidden Los Angeles
LA According to Nick

You get the idea.


3 responses to “Explaining My Hiatus

  1. Hmmm… I dig this. I am definitely going to think of some ideas for you.

  2. That would make my life. My self-imposed deadline for a name is the end of next week.

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