What to Expect

As with all blogs, the aim of Policy Potluck is to provide me with an outlet for my thoughts on issues and experiences that are of interest to me. Since I plan to go to graduate school for public policy in the next couple of years, expect postings about policy issues that are on my mind.

This blog will not be limited to just policy issues, however. Expect a smörgåsbord of posts about food, music, pop culture, and events in LA.

Pondering Life at the Great Wall

Pondering the age old question, "What makes the Great Wall so great?

About Me

After graduating from UCLA, I began doing policy research for an educational
non-profit. When I’m not at work, I am exploring the many great restaurants in Los Angeles, going to concerts and plays, cooking, reading The Economist, popping in the latest DVD Netflix mailed me, and just enjoying this great city.


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