Top TV Shows of 2010

For someone without cable, I watch quite a bit of television. I don’t watch reality television (except for Top Chef Masters & Top Chef All-Stars) and I don’t waste my time with cable news channels (such an inefficient & poor way to get news).

There is something I find comforting about  scripted television, returning each week to familiar characters and learning more about them. I will truly miss the three shows in my top ten that will not be returning. Most of these shows I watched on Hulu, but a few I watched on Netflix so I may be a season behind.

Top Ten TV Shows of 2010 (in alpha order)
Bored to Death
Breaking Bad
Lone Star (RIP, only two episodes, but they were among the best two hours of TV this year)
Mad Men
Modern Family
Party Down (RIP)
Terriers (RIP)

Lone Star

Watched Every Episode But Didn’t Make the Cut:

30 Rock
Better Off Ted
Eastbound and Down
How I Met Your Mother
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The Office
Parks and Recreation
Rescue Me

Bored to Death

Still Need to Watch:

Boardwalk Empire
Children’s Hospital
Friday Night Lights (I’m four episodes in)
The Good Wife
Walking Dead


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