Pitchfork Top 50 Tracks

Ten more days until Christmas. Sixteen days until New Year’s Eve. 2010 is approaching the end of its run, which means it must be list season.  If you are a fan of year-end lists, here are great lists of lists for the best music and books of the year.

Pitchfork recently released a list of the staff’s favorite tracks of 2010. I’ve taken the liberty to assemble the top 50 tracks into three convenient downloads.  If there is interest, I’ll do the same for tracks 100-51.

Download links:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


One response to “Pitchfork Top 50 Tracks

  1. I like the random populist bones they threw in there along with the usual pretentious slumbercore fare that Pitchfork loves so much. That said, I saw a handful of songs I enjoyed in there this year and certainly some I would like to explore more. I was pleased to see LCD Soundsystem and Janelle Monae get multiple mentions in the top 15-20.

    Also, I clicked on one of your Google ads. You’re welcome for the $0.06.

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